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This Is the End, My Friend (Well, Next Month)

Things will be wrapping up here sometime before the 1st of December.

Along with the investment website (which has been closed to new subscribers for well over a year now), this blog will soon go the way of the dodo bird.

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Its been a fun 11+ years (cant believe this all started way back in March 2005) and I thank anyone still around for reading , but its kind of time to move on

Truth be told, ahead of this ski season, Ive been hobbling around on crutches (between pain pills) for the last week or so after surgery on my ankle and I go in for knee surgery in a couple weeks, so, at this point, I dont expect anything more to appear here  .

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Ive not decided yet, but I may continue to post links or somesuch over at the old blog of mine   which still appears to operational. Well see