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Thursday morning links 216

Thursday Morning Links
UK interest rates left unchanged at 0.25% BBC
Paradise Lost: Why the Good Times Are Over for Global Bonds WSJ
The Bond Market Is Flashing a Signal That Traders Haven’t Seen Since 2012 Bloomberg
Unprecedented Global Bond Bubble Threatens Holders of Cash Money Metals Exchange
Warren: Next President Should Investigate (and Maybe Jail) Wall St. Bankers Bloomberg
Election Update: Has Clinton’s ‘Bad Weekend’ Moved The Polls? Five Thirty Eight
Libertarian Gary Johnson Scores a Major Victory in His White House Bid Fiscal Times
Colin Powell insults Clinton and calls Trump national disgrace in leaked emails Vice News
Household Income Jump? People Aren’t Suddenly Getting Big-Fat Paychecks Wolf Street
U.S. Household Finances – It Only Looks Like the Good Life DiMartino Booth
Deconstructing Median Income Bullshit Decline of the Empire
1 in 5 CEOs are psychopaths, study finds Telegraph

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open CNN/Money
Asian Stocks Extend Losing Streak to Sixth Day as Japan Falls Bloomberg
3 critical factors are leading to investors to shun risk MarketWatch
Volatility Erupts in Currencies as Stimulus Appetite Seen Waning Bloomberg
Will the Perceived Safety of the U.S. Dollar Turn It Into a Bubble? Value Walk
What Could Go Wrong? Funds Desperate for Returns Load Up on Risk Bloomberg
Bond yields are surging despite deflation, and that is dangerous Bloomberg
Gold slips on steadier dollar and equities ahead of Fed meeting Reuters
Holding Gold Getting Scary for This Former Bull as Yields Rise Bloomberg

Key hurdles for the U.S. economy could soon disappear MarketWatch
Infrastructure Spending Does not Grow the Economy Mises
How China’s Past Stimulus Is Dogging Its Growth Prospects WSJ
Japan wants more women to work—but what do women get in return? Quartz
France to open first de-radicalization center for potentially violent extremists Vice News
This trait may explain why Danes are the happiest people on earth MarketWatch
Brazils Lula charged as top boss of Petrobras graft scheme Bloomberg
The new Wall Street scheme to make money with your home MarketWatch
Why the Fed Can’t Hold the Stock Market Together Much Longer Casey Research
Markets Focus on Timing of Fed Hike Is a Distraction Bloomberg