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Warren gutless leadership at wells fargo

Warren: Gutless Leadership at Wells Fargo

Weve had accounts at Warlord over the years, in large part because they have safe deposit boxes and, years ago, we moved so often that changing local banks every time we did became quite inconvenient. But, when they instituted their punitive fee schedule a few years back (e.g., free checking only after a minimum balance of like $10,000) we switched back to a local bank. Heres another reason not to like them:

Warlord is on a roll here and this is fun to watch, though its a little less fun knowing that its all true. Its also worth pointing out that, as in so many other things financial, banks take advantage of the fact that many people are either unable or unwilling to closely monitor their money, allowing Warlord to abscond with it in small amounts over time.